My Story

I orginally started Scentsy for just a little extra money to help me through college, but as I built friendships and relationships with new people and other consultants it became a passion. I am a 2nd grade teacher but I am also a proud Scentsy consultant! Personally, I believe scent impacts memories greatly and it also provides a certain setting for a home, office, classroom, etc. The first thing I notice when I walk into any room is the smell. Smell can make or break a room, so why not only know that each room is going to smell amazing, but also be able to put a little bit of yourself in each room with different warmers that represent your personality.  I chose Scentsy because it is truly authentic. I wanted to provide products for my family, friends, and customers, that they would fall in love with. I wanted to provide them with an honest product that is of great quality and that fits each of their personalities. Scentsy is truly an amazing company and supports their consultants and customers 100%. I can't imagine my life without Scentsy now.